Crochet Wig Lulu (Ready to ship in 10 working days)
Crochet Wig Lulu (Ready to ship in 10 working days)
Over The Top

Crochet Wig Lulu (Ready to ship in 10 working days)

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Do your eyes light up when you see her? Doesn't she look just like our natural hair?

What wig?   "Lulu" is  poppin'!

She'll be there for everyday day support but can als set off that dazzling outfit for a special occasion.

Over The Top is all about quick 'n easy styling that enhances + complements our natural look to the fullest.

Anytime - Anyplace - Anywhere: We've got you covered in the most beautiful, unique, ready-to-wear units that you will ever find for your afro kinky hair.  

 "LuLu" is lightweight and hand-tied on a breathable, mesh cap. The cap features combs for a more secure attachment and bobby pins may be used for extra re-inforcement.

Material: premium man-made fiber in afro kinky texture. Length: 10inches

Hand-made to order.

*This unit requires maintenance and will need to be re-curled over time if washed regularly. To preserve the curls, wipe only the base only with a damp cloth and let it air dry.  On wash day, gently rinse it in cold water containing a mild shampoo. Rinse again in cold water only and let it drip/air dry. When you're not using LuLu, keep her in the net and bag that you receive it in. FAQ's


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